Got Caught Stealing From Publix

In these dire economic times, people who are desperate for grocery items are sometimes caught resorting to theft, which can be a traumatic event. While Publix is known for its great community service, Publix is very strict on shoplifting. If you are caught committing petit or any other theft there is a good chance you will be prosecuted. Unfortunately, some patrons at Publix who are shopping for food and other grocery items get distracted or careless and decide to take an item by covering it up with a shopping bag or by placing the item in a bag or concealing the item in some other way.

Publix has security watching for shoplifting and theft and will approach you if they have reasonable suspicion that you are taking products from their store. The Publix stores in the greater Orlando area are especially vigilant for individuals who may steal food, alcohol, or cosmetics from their stores.

Theft offenses from Publix can result in serious penalties for stealing and can include probation, community service hours, theft classes, fines, court costs, suspension of license and in some cases jail. Theft charges from Publix can be a misdemeanor (petit theft) or a felony (grand theft) depending on the amount stolen. Regardless of the charge, you should contact an experienced attorney to guide you through this daunting time. First time offenders who are caught at Publix may be asked to do diversion programs where they can get their charges dropped and ultimately expunged. How your case is resolved could be dependent on hiring the right attorney at the right time.

If you or a loved one is caught shoplifting or committing theft from Publix anywhere in Orlando or in the greater Central Florida please contact one of our criminal defense lawyers. Call 407-228-3970 to set up a free case consultation.

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